School is out and the struggle to keep your child away from the TV has officially begun. As we all know, summer break can be an exciting time for a child. But did you know that those who don’t read over the summer usually forget much of what they learned the previous year? According to a study conducted by Beth M. Miller, Ph.D. and commissioned by the Nellie Mae Education Foundation, this can lead to children having to catch up the first few months of school and overtime can result in a delay in reading achievement by two or more years.

In order to combat this, Henderson Libraries created a summer reading program that provides a fun way to get your child involved with the community and to keep them reading over the summer months. The theme this year is “Build a Better World” and kicked off June 10th. The program runs until August 5th and enrollment is accepted at any time. For more information on the program click on the link at the bottom for an article by or check out

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