It’s mid-summer and we have been in the triple digits since April. Living in Las Vegas we have come to expect and hopefully love our long summers. Many people don’t realize that Las Vegas provides many great activities and fun escapes from our high temperatures. Lake Mead, just 30 minutes outside of the City, has many exciting activities, such as boating, jet skiing, wake boarding, kayaking, or just enjoying the cool water off the shore. Mount Charleston is also a great escape, not only from the heat, but the city as well. Even in the city we can still find fun ways to keep our summers busy! From indoor racetracks, to indoor rock climbing, Las Vegas has an abundance of indoor, fully air conditioned, facilities. Did I mention pools? If you fly into Vegas, you are sure to see pools in almost every back yard. The view of the Strip strongly resembles a tropical oasis rather than the middle of the desert! Many day clubs and “beaches” provide visitors and locals alike with the perfect summer vacation. Las Vegas has also brought back our beloved Wet-n-Wild, along with the sister park Cowabunga Bay. These water attractions have brought us back to our childhood days of water slide races, wave pools, the adrenalin rush of looking at a water slide that is three stories high, and even relaxing in the lazy river.

Our summers our long and HOT. Make the most of it, because soon we will all be bustling back to school and work!  That being said, the Brenkus Realty Network would like to invite you to come join us at the Henderson Multigenerational Center on Friday August 10th. We will be celebrating you- our awesome clients and families! Come celebrate summer with us. Enjoy the cool pool and fun water slide. Free food and drinks will also be provided.  Dress to impress with our luau theme! Don’t forget to RSVP! You won’t want to miss such a fun event for the family.