Last weekend Santa came to visit Brenkus Realty Network. Our office was full of children and families enjoying hot chocolate, munching on cookies and anticipating when it would be their turn to take a picture with Santa. All of this Santa talk got us thinking…. Who is Santa anyway?

Most of us picture Santa Claus as a jolly man with a long white beard, a red suit and carrying an extra 50 plus pounds and a red bag full of gifts. Where did this image originate from?

According to, the original Santa Claus was a Dutch Bishop in about the 4th Century who was known as St. Nicholas. He was known as a man of charity who would regularly visit the poor and sick. Fast forward to the end of the 18th century and a New York newspaper reported that groups of Dutch families were gathering to honor the anniversary of his death. As his popularity in America grew, legends of what he used to wear and look like became commonplace with people making models of him and dressing up like him. Fast forward again to our 21st century and the image of Santa in a red suit who gifts children with presents has been solidified.

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